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Sunday 2 December 2007 by Brad

We are committed to bringing you items (traditionnel and modern) that we ourselves have bought in Africa or that we have bought and then had shipped back to Europe direct from dealers in various African countries.

We also endeavour to offer, especially for masks, items which have strong probabilities that they have been used: our last purchases in Burkina Faso, for example, were made after the festival of masks and we found there some of our future purchases (see pictures).

We also offer some more recent objects and paintings that have been purchased for evident esthetical reasons to promote the technic or the artist (especially for contemporary art).

In buying an object from us, you are also contributing to help us better the quality of life for the people of these countries, as we are dedicated to some local life improving causes (we don’t believe that we “know” Africa and only support local causes because we think that it is the local people that know their needs best).

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